Games that everyone can play, that have you falling about laughing – those brilliant games you don’t normally have time for. These are the memories that are scattered across my childhood Christmas memories, and I love trying out new ones to create those moments for our boys as well. I asked some friends, and dug about on the internet for some proper family favourites to inspire you this year, so if you’re looking for some new games inspiration for this year, you’re in the right place.

Here’s this year’s roundup of family Christmas games ideas that I’ve found for our festive enjoyment – no expense, no fuss, just ideas that are tried, tested and giggled about by other families.


The Hat Game – Idea from Heide

Hat Game Family Christmas Games Ideas

This is our favourite Boxing Day game, and it’s for as many people as you want.

Organise into two teams – the numbers don’t matter.

Each person has 3 different pieces of paper, and secretly writes one name on each piece – historical figures, well known figures, celebrities, cartoons – anyone that people will know.

Bear in mind everyone’s names are secret so the same name MAY appear more than once.

Each piece of paper is folded and put into the hat, jar, or whatever container you have.

Teams then take it in turns for one of their players to pick names from the hat, and then give their team clues about each name without using the name itself. They’ve got the space of one minute, and get a point for each name the team guesses correctly.

Any names which aren’t guessed or the clue-giver doesn’t know, go back into the hat for the next team to have a go at. When all the names have been guessed the names go back into the hat, and that’s the end of a round.

There are 3 rounds:

Round One – describe the person without saying the name.

Round Two (if you’ve been listening, you will know the names that might be coming) – use ONE WORD ONLY to describe the name.

Round Three – ACT the name without using any words.

Great fun and no limit to the number of players. It’s so simple, and the bigger the teams, the easier it is to involve children of all ages because everyone gets to guess.


The Quiz that Everyone Writes – Idea from Laura

We do a quiz, and everyone is responsible for doing a round, including the kids. Each round can have a loose theme, and can be personal or wider than that – so a round called Family could be about your family and also the royal family.

We pick our categories – I often pick food, and my son picks films. That way it’s more fun and accessible, because sometimes games aren’t fun if you’re not very good at them!! General knowledge is a complete weakness of mine – but my ex-husband is like a walking encyclopaedia…

RLC Note – I’ve mentioned this to my Star Wars fanatic 10-year-old, and his eyes lit up. He’s generously said we will all get a one-hour window to revise before his round…


Three ideas from different corners of the internet:

Eyes Game Family Christmas Games Ideas RLC Words

The Eyes Game: Cut out famous people’s eyes from magazines, or find them online and print out. Put them on a piece of card and pass it around. Everyone has to guess and write down who they think they are – and you can do a Disney character version for children. If you’re feeling sneaky, and include a relative’s eyes to see who can spot them!

Musical Fancy Dress: Have a bag full of fancy dress items, ones that can be worn by all sizes: so wigs, hats, masks, glasses, aties, scarfs, waistcoats. Pass the bag around to music and when it stops, you have to pull out an item and wear it. It’s non-competitive and different every time.

After Eight Game: everyone puts an After Eight on their forehead, and it’s a race to be the first one to get it into their mouth without touching it. So much fun – and even funnier to watch if you take it one at a time!


And don’t forget the Chocolate Game…

The chocolate game RLC Words Milton Keynes Copywriter

My guess is that some of the top childhood Christmas memories out there involve games and laughter with beloved adults who don’t normally have the time to do such things. Some of my most cherished times saw both parents, my uncle and all four grandparents on the floor, furiously trying to throw sixes while one lucky person attacked a chocolate bar with a knife and fork. If you know what I’m describing, then the Chocolate Game needs no further explanation – if not, you need to click this link and find out quick! The Chocolate Game

Last year’s Christmas games post has even more inspiration for you, including the Sock Game and the Pound Coin game, so do have a look if you missed it last time: Family Christmas Games Ideas 2022


Have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year, with whomever you rope into your fun and games – and I wish you streaming eyes, aching faces and stitches in your stomachs from all the laughter too.

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