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Rebecca Chamberlain

Copywriter & Business Writing Expert

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RLC Words Milton Keynes copywriter blogger

Rebecca Chamberlain

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Copywriter & Business Writing Expert

Getting your business




Do you find it hard to write for your business?

…finding the perfect words that sum it up: the passion, the years of experience, and what makes you different?


Do you struggle with writing in general?

…lacking the confidence to put your words out there, on a blog or regular newsletter?


Work with me,

and we’ll identify the words that get to the real heart of what you do – and all your business writing will begin to flow more easily.  

Rebecca Chamberlain RLC Words Milton Keynes Coypwriter
RLC Words Rebecca Chamberlain Milton Keynes Copywriter


Blogs, web content, newsletters, business awards: I can write this and more for you, as your copywriter.


I can also share my 20+ years of copywriting experience with you, with one-to-one sessions that are focused completely on you and your business – to distill those concise, descriptive words that get your business heard and understood as you want it to be. 

Plus you can join my Writing Club for full access to what I know,  and a whole library of resources.  

Getting your business heard RLC Words

We start with your free 30-minute 1:1 Discovery Call

I’ll get to know you and your business, and we’ll agree the best way to find the words you’re looking for – a full copywriting service, or one of the options below…

Contact me to book your free 1:1 Discovery Call

Blog Blast Hour

Wordsmith Workshop

Writing Club Membership

Blog Challenge

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About Me

I’ve been a copywriter for small and medium businesses since 2017 – and I’ve been a persuasive writer for my entire career, since 2000.

Being heard and understood is so important, but can be so hard to achieve for your own business. Helping people to find that authentic voice and message is what I love to do most.

Read more about my background and why I love what I do – and, of course, Bertie the Blog Dog:

Elite in a Week marketing branding team copywriter

Plus I’m seriously proud to be part of the Elite in a Week team – a squad of five marketing and branding experts, who can elevate your brand to Elite – in just a Week! Read more about the team and what we do on our website: Elite in a Week

I’ve partnered with Busy Women Networking to share my business writing expertise – and I’m proud to be a guest writer on the blog.

I’m also the resident writing expert for Incubation Nation, the  development programme for Female Founders and Business Owners, run by Sam Poole and established with funding from Milton Keynes Council.

Incubation Nation Expert RLC Words

My Blog

Blogging – it’s one of the most versatile and powerful tools you have.

Here’s what I post on mine…

Loughton Scarecrow Trail 2024 – Our Build

Walk the trail any time until 5pm on Sunday 23 June. Maps are on sale for £3 each. Saturday and Sunday: buy between 10am and 4pm from All Saints Church, Loughton - MK5 8AS Vote for your favourite below... Loughton Scarecrow Trail is an MK institution. Held every other...

Did you Know I’m Elite (in a Week)?

I’m one of five experts in a brand new collaboration – and we want to transform the way you brand your business, making you... Elite in a WeekSince working for myself, I've learned how vital it is to know experts: people who know how to do things that you don’t, and...

Getting Lost in the Moment with Flowery Words

There’s something very special about crafting with nature – having that miraculous beauty literally at your fingertips, pairing and posing it to make it look even more beautiful, and then placing it somewhere that will give you a little dart of joy every time you see...

Top of the Google Search Results – the Posts that Got Me There

Do a search for 'Milton Keynes copywriter', and RLC Words is top of Google search results under the paid ads and job vacancies - and I'm so proud. When I launched my website, you had to click through eight whole pages of results before you got to me. And the secret of...

Do You REALLY Know Why You’re In Business?

When you know your real Big Why, that knowledge makes you shine - and it's so much easier to write and speak about your passion It's good to give your "Big Why" some thought. We’re always told these days that we must "be authentic", and that's quite right - I tell my...

7 Email Nurture Sequence Mistakes

What’s an email nurture sequence? That may very well be the first question. It’s a string of emails that you set up to send automatically, over a period of time, to people who’ve signed up to your mailing list. The idea is that you 'nurture' new sign-ups from just...

Can a Blog Really Boost your Sales in 2024?

Can a Blog Really Boost your Sales in 2024? Yes! Here’s why your blog is the low-cost, long-term part of your marketing strategy you can’t afford to skip... When you’re trying to increase your sales, you probably want to reach first for the paid routes – social media,...

Family Christmas Games Ideas 2023

Games that everyone can play, that have you falling about laughing – those brilliant games you don’t normally have time for. These are the memories that are scattered across my childhood Christmas memories, and I love trying out new ones to create those moments for...

About Me Blog Post

This month, my theme has been writing about yourself in your business - and I ran a mini-challenge in my group, the Content Cracked Community, to get you feeling more comfortable with it. It's so important for connecting with new customers who are looking for reasons...

Laura: How Networking Unlocked a Passion for Writing

Laura is dyslexic and had a terrible experience with writing at school. Her confidence was low and she didn't know where to begin. I'm very proud to say I've been part of her amazing journey into creating a brilliant, fascinating blog for her business - and to have...

Bag Your Blogging Freebie…

Blogging can do a lot more than fill up those Latest News gaps on your website. Here are five problems you’ll solve, just by starting yours… download my Five Problems You’ll Fix with a Blog pdf and start reaping those rewards!

Five Problems You'll Fix with a Blog RLC Words
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Writing for you, or becoming your own copywriter...let's get your business heard and understood


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