I’m Rebecca (L) Chamberlain, and I have been writing professionally since my first graduate job as a journalist in 2000 – and creating websites to showcase them on since 2017.

I’ve written for broadsheet and tabloid publications; managed internal communications, websites, intranets and corporate reporting; helped small businesses; written and refreshed dozens of CVs; and coached people from a whole range of backgrounds into new jobs, new challenges and new prospects.

After our two little boys started school, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. I wanted to do all of the bits that I loved most in my jobs – writing, design and helping people to see what’s unique about them – and RLC Words began.

I live in Milton Keynes, but it doesn’t matter where you are; I work with clients both near and far.

Words and websites are my passionand I’d love to make them work for you.

This photo is me clutching the first published book I’ve had a hand in proofreading and editing – a very proud moment and a dream come true! Huge thanks to Carol Wright of Healthy Minds Matter for commissioning me to help.

Professional photos of me on this website are all by the fabulous Roxanne Bergman, of RoxPix Photography. I was delighted to feature in her 2018 exhibition of women in business: The Bronze Mirror

20 years ago…

Broadsheet Newspaper Journalist

Broadsheet Newspaper Journalist

Features Writer

This was my first graduate job, for a major Scottish publishing firm. I researched and wrote about everything from local businesses to international film stars, and I learned huge amounts in two years about writing structured stories to keep my audience interested.

10 years ago…

Police Corporate Communications

Police Corporate Communications

Internal Comms Manager

I started in a temp job, and worked my way through project support, project and programme management, to Corporate Communications, and finally Internal Communications Manager. Writing was a major part of every job I did, from meeting minutes to persuasive report writing for the top decision-makers. I loved my 10 years at North Yorkshire Police. 

…and now

Mum and Mrs

Mum and Mrs

Co-Founder and Director

Bringing these two into the world changed everything, of course, and they’ve changed my career too. With stacks of support from Mr RLC Words, I’m doing the job I’ve always dreamed of – and some bits I’d never imagined too. It gives me flexibility, creativity – and lots of blog material…

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