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I’m Rebecca (L) Chamberlain and I’ve been writing professionally since my first job as a journalist in 2000. I worked on the Features Desk, and came up with the words for the full-page adverts in our broadsheet newspaper,  along with cultural features, and local interest pieces. In those days, most words were still in print, and I love the thought of people enjoying them over their morning toast!

As the world turned digital, so did my writing – especially when I began work for North Yorkshire Police, at the start of a mass migration to Windows. Every single member of staff, from the greenest new recruit to the most hardened policing veteran, would be getting an Office account, not to mention a suite of new crime and intelligence software. I spent a lot of time writing project communications to explain what and why; I penned endless corporate funding requests; I even wrote, cast and produced a film to describe the huge raft of new technology that would be coming their way.

Life changed for me, too: our two little boys came along, and so did a relocation down south to Milton Keynes in 2014. As they grew and I began to contemplate a return to work, I thought about the common thread I’ve really loved, in every role I’ve held: coming up with words that people have been looking for, to get across a message that’s really important to them. So that’s what I decided to do as my own small business: copywriting for business owners who are struggling to find that message, or who simply don’t have the time. And I really do love it!  

RLC Words: Getting your Business Heard and Understood

You can read my story in full here: About Me Blog Post, or keeping scrolling for a shorter summary…

RLC Words Milton Keynes blogger copywriter

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First Graduate Job…

Broadsheet Newspaper Journalist

Broadsheet Newspaper Journalist

Features Writer

This was my first graduate job, for a major Scottish publishing firm. I researched and wrote about everything from local businesses to international film stars, and I learned huge amounts in two years about writing structured stories to keep readers interested.

I also created the copy for local business advertising features – everything from wedding venues to lawn mowers!


Police Corporate Communications

Police Corporate Communications

Internal Comms Manager

I started as a temp, and worked my way through project support, project and programme management, to Corporate Communications, and finally Internal Communications Manager. Writing was a major part of every job I did, from meeting minutes to persuasive report writing for the top decision-makers, to explaining new technology to staff. I loved my 10 years at North Yorkshire Police.

…and now

Copywriter, Content Coach and Mum

Copywriter, Content Coach and Mum

Having our two boys changed everything, including my career. With stacks of support from Mr RLC Words, and with my constant pup companion beside me, I’m doing the job I’ve always dreamed of – and some bits I’d never imagined too. It gives me flexibility, creativity, inspiration – and lots of blog material…

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RLC Words Milton Keynes blogger copywriter

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