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What I Write

If there’s a piece of writing you need for your business, and it’s giving you a headache – big or small, nearly finished, or not even started – I can help. 

How does it work?

I trained as a journalist and features writer, so that’s how I approach your writing too. The most important part of the whole process is for me to listen, and I want to hear everything you have to say about your business. I want to hear it in your own words, because that’s how I understand your passion, your drive and your motivation – and that’s how I learn to speak in your voice, and find the words you’ve been struggling to write yourself.

What if you’ve written some of it already?

No problem at all – in fact, it helps me a great deal to see what you’ve already got, and to find out what you like about it, and what you don’t.

I can review and proofread a piece that you’ve completed, and I can start from a blank piece of paper – or anything in between.

How much does it cost? 

Every project is different, and I will always provide you with a written quotation that is tailored to what you need. It will reflect the amount of help and expertise you need from me, and depending on the task, will include research, writing, and amendments following your feedback. Let’s have a chat about what you need – there’s no charge and no obligation! 

RLC Words Copywriter Milton Keynes

What Do I Write?

Projects vary from business to business, and these are some of the pieces I’ve been asked to create:

Web Content

Blogging – one off or regular

Product and Services Descriptions for e-commerce

Article proofreading and editing  

Social Media Profiles

Business Awards submissions

Poems for networking pitches

Fiction and non-fiction line editing and proofreading 

Services Brochures

Case Studies

Lead magnets and leaflets

Email campaigns – one off or regular

Video scripts 

DIY Blogging

If you know you’d like to blog for yourself, and just want some help getting started, then my Blogging Starter Pack is for you! One-off cost for a personalised 12 month plan that’s tailored to your business – find out more here:

Businesses I’ve Worked With

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