The Christmas season is just around the corner, and it’s something the world will be talking about for at least four weeks – so get a bit of the action for your business, and have a think about how to make the most of the #festive hashtagging to get yourself noticed, and have a bit of fun while you’re doing it; especially if you can’t think how to give your business marketing a seasonal angle. You can market anything – well, almost anything – at Christmas if you give it enough thought.


Social Media – the Michael Buble approach

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – some people use all of them, some use one, some use a combination. The chances are you’ve probably worked out which one works well for you, and the sorts of things you like to post – so as 1 December approaches, plan in some festive posts and hashtags, increasing the volume of Christmas-themed posts as the weeks go by, just like they do with Michael Buble on the radio.

Get creative and don’t forget to show a bit of personality and what you like about the season – conventional or otherwise. I like looking for quirky quotes for my Instagram feed, for example, with the odd seasonal amusing picture and shot I’ve happened to take from my own life and happenings thrown in; it seems to go down well (@RLCWords, if you’re interested).

Find some things you love about Christmas, and make a post around them. If you don’t like it at all, make that your thing instead!

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Blogging – the My Dad’s Lawnmower approach

If you can get it festive, particularly in your last one or two before Christmas, do it. There has got to be some sort of Christmas angle you can weave into your business – even if you sell lawnmowers and barbecues, you can tout them as an unusual gift idea (my Dad actually got a grass collector for his lawnmower one Christmas – I’ve never seen him so happy with a gift).

Have a think about Christmas or winter season issues you can solve; tips you can give related to your business for surviving or making the most of the festive period; you could even post a favourite recipe or activity to do with the kids. Anything goes generally with blogging – just look at how I play fast and loose with my own content – but it’s even more fun at Christmas.


Planning – the Blue Sky approach

Depending on your business, there’s probably going to be some downtime for your business during the period between Christmas and New Year. If you’ve had enough cheese and board games, you could always give a little bit of time to thinking about your January strategy. Is it typically a slow month for you, or do you have a lot of planning to do to meet the demand? Start planning how to use that strange vacant time, that seems to have no identity, between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. You could plan all of your marketing and communications, all of your blog posts, all of your social media, all of your sales strategy, or even review your website. Take a little Blue Sky Thinking time, and see what fresh ideas you can come up for the New Year.

Good luck and have fun with your Christmas marketing; and if you need any help with your blogging or content ideas, give me a shout. I’d be delighted to help you come up with your own lawnmower-grass-collector plan.

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