I’m one of five experts in a brand new collaboration – and we want to transform the way you brand your business, making you…

Elite in a Week

Since working for myself, I’ve learned how vital it is to know experts: people who know how to do things that you don’t, and to a highly professional quality. People you can call on for help, when part of running your business is too difficult – people who you know will do an exceptional job, especially on those bits you’ve never been trained in.

With Elite in a Week, you get five experts in one branding and marketing package: all focussing their professional talents, and decades of experience, on your brand and your business.

Natalie Murray came up with the idea. She’s a brand strategist and graphic designer, and she had found that many clients need much more than the services she offers when giving their brands a makeover. So what better way to help them than bringing all of those experts together?

The Elite Team


Elite in a Week team

Elite in a Week was born: a ready-made team of experts who can assemble when needed to work on each of the key aspects of transforming a brand to elite. We cover these five key areas:

Your brand elevation team is ready to hit the ground running, when you’re ready to go. There’s no need for busy business owners to go researching, vetting and briefing all the different experts for themselves, and then getting them to co-ordinate across their busy schedules and conflicting clients. 

We’re not an agency, and we have none of those overheads. We each have our own thriving and individually-owned businesses and client sets. We’ve all got our own proven track records and reputations to precede us, and we’ve already got those strong working relationships between us, understanding how each of our areas overlaps and complements the others.

When we have an Elite in a Week client, our time is co-ordinated and booked in our diaries just for them – so they have that dedicated and expert service from each one of us.

Head over to the Elite in a Week website to find out more about how it all works, who we are, and what we offer (all web content and blog posts written by me, of course!).

Elite in a Week

It’s been a year since the kernel of that idea, and our team sessions are much-loved and anticipated days in my diary. It could be a photoshoot, planning session, trip to an expo, a client briefing or Elite Review write-up – we all enjoy being and working together so much, and we’ve been honoured to have fantastic feedback for our client work too.

One of the best parts of belonging to this awesome collaboration is that we’re all experts in our own fields – so we know that when there’s work to do on our own Elite in a Week comms, brand and marketing, each one of us will be taking care of our own part to the same high standard. That’s especially true when we’re preparing for an event – which leads me nicely to what we’ve got coming up…

Your Business Expo MK

The next exciting date in our Elite in a Week calendar is the Your Business Expo MK on 5 June – and we’re exhibiting! We have stand 148 in the main hall, and we’d love to see you if you’re planning to visit. We’re giving away an Elite Review worth £499 in our prize draw, along with a fantastic free gift for every new sign up to our Elite mailing list – so it’s definitely worth dropping by! Visitor tickets are free, and bookable here: Your Business Expo MK tickets

Writing Club Masterclass

And for my Writing Club members, there’s more to look forward to as Suzanne is visiting our June masterclass. She’ll be talking us through the importance of great brand photos, how they speak to your customers (current and future), and how to assess the quality of the ones you’ve got. That’s on Tuesday 11 June, and as always it’s free to members, and £25 for non-members – details here: Next Masterclass: Brilliant Brand Photography

Every collaboration creates something that is more than the individuals can achieve alone – greater than the sum of its parts. I’m so proud to be part of this team – and I love providing this service to businesses who know the power their brand could hold, and who can’t wait to become Elite in a Week.  

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