Finding the right way to showcase your business on your website, social media or marketing materials can be a real challenge. Whether it’s in a the space of few words, or in a full advertising feature, sometimes you can feel too close to your business to be able to describe it in the way you want your potential customers to see it. That’s where I can help – doing your copywriting for you.

I love finding out about your business and your target customers, and writing words that sum you up, sell what is uniquely you, and draw the right people in.

Some of the writing jobs I can do for you:

  • Website text that describes what you offer
  • Descriptions of your business for social media
  • Submissions for business awards and recognition
  • Advertising features in other publications (online or in print)
  • Proofreading and editing text that you’ve already written
  • Blog posts and web articles
  • GDPR compliance and privacy statements

Everything I write for you will be with your ultimate goal in mind, in your business’s “tone of voice”, and will not include reference to my authorship.

Every business and every job is different, so drop me a line about what you need, and we can talk about how I can help you.

And just so everything’s clear, here’s a link to the Terms and Conditions that apply when you commission my services: Terms and Conditions: Copywriting and CV Services