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RLC Words Writing Club Membership


Writing Club Membership

More website traffic, and more of the customers you love 

That’s what great copy and content should be doing for your business – and your business deserves to be heard and understood. 

In my membership, I teach you how to be your own copywriter. I share with you howI do it – the methods I use when writing for clients, and for my own business too. 

You can write your own hard-working content to get your business heard and understood – professional copy without the expense of a copywriter.

RLC Words Membership content copywriting coach monthly subscription

£30 per month

With my Writing Club membership, that’s what you get and more. Here’s what’s included for just £30 a month.:

RLC Words Content Coaching Live Masterclass on that month’s business writing theme (see below for this year’s calendar of topics)

RLC Words Content Coaching Monthly online Writing Room – 90 mins in your diary to write alongside me and other members

RLC Words Content CoachingOnline library of recordings (including all Masterclasses to date), guides, checklists and worksheets you can access any time.

RLC Words Content Coaching Private VIP Content Facebook group

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Each month we have a live Membership Masterclass, with a theme related to content writing – reusable words for all your business writing, blog planning, web content, lead magnets, business and grant award submissions, telling your story – or it could be with a visiting expert in SEO, web design, marketing, or business planning and more. There’ll be a chance to ask questions about the theme, or any other writing question you have.

Masterclasses are held on the second Tuesday of each month, at 10am – but if you can’t make it, the recording will be up in the online library soon afterwards.  

Writing Rooms

In the Writing Room, we all get together in a Zoom room and just write what we need to that month – It’s a dedicated timeslot in your diary when you can focus on writing, and ask questions as you do.

Writing Rooms are held on the third Tuesday of each month, and you can choose to attend the morning or afternoon session. 

Online Library

The recording of every membership masterclass, how-to guides, checklists, workbooks – the library of writing resources on my website grows each month, and you’ll have exclusive access to them with your Membership. See this video for a tour: What’s in the Library?

Private Group

You’ll be invited to the VIP Content group on Facebook, where I post new guides and resources for the online library, and do the occasional live. You can also use it to get feedback and ideas from other members, and ask questions to me and our visiting experts. You can also use it as a way to hold yourself accountable for those writing jobs!

2024 RLC Words Masterclasses

What’s in the Library?

See this video for a peek inside: In the Library

RLC Words Membership Masterclasses 2023

The membership intro video from Feb 2023…

£30 per month

What's in the Online Library?

So many writing resources that I’ve created over the years – in pdf guides, checklists and video recording formats. Briefly, it includes:

  • Every monthly masterclass recording delivered since membership opened, in March 2023
  • All the resources that go along with each masterclass – pdf guides, checklists and workbooks
  • The Blog Challenge videos and tasks
  • Guides and checklists for creating words for your business – from networking pitches to writing and checking blog posts

See this video for a tour: What’s in the Library?

How does the Writing Room work?

It’s an informal monthly drop-in session on Zoom. Everyone is there to write something, so we all get on with our writing – but anyone can ask questions or get support at any point if they’re stuck, or just need some ideas. You can stay for the whole 90 minutes, or come and go.

How much does Membership cost?

Monthly membership costs £30 per month at present. The rate you join at will remain your rate for the duration of your membership.

You can also join on a six month or annual membership basis, at a lower overall rate.

Is there a minimum term to be a member?

If you’re joining with the monthly fee, there is a minimum of three months – after which you can cancel at any time.

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