As part of her business growth strategy, Telltale Tots’ founder Kirstie asked me to design a replacement website for her. She wanted lots of colour, images and video, the ability to sell her books through the site, and of course all of the information about Telltale Tots sessions, and ticket bookings. I had her logo to work with, and she told me that customers often associate rainbows with her brand. This is what I came up with…

– Custom Theme Design and graphics
– WooCommerce integration
– Embedded external ticketing solution
– Ninja Forms integration
– Facebook feed integration
– Designed with expansion to future franchising areas built in
– Researched and documented Cookie Policy in line with GDPR
– Social media sharing via Monarch
– Website content written and edited for all pages

I have also done a range of other copywriting work for Kirstie. As well as promotional blog posts to feature on Mum to Mum UK, I assisted with the editing and proofreading of her first published children’s book, The Witch’s Cat and the Cooking Catastrophe.
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