Have you ever toyed with the idea of writing a book – putting all that passion and expertise down on paper, and into the Amazon bestseller lists? I’m not a published author myself (although I will confess that I’ve held aspirations for it for about four decades), but I know that it can give you a huge boost – not just for your sense of personal achievement, but for your business overall as well. Here are five reasons to write a book about your business – a look at what it’s going to be like, when you have that embodiment of your knoweldge right there in your hand…


Your Expertise in your Hand

Imagine handing a potential client or partner a copy of your book. It’s so much more than just talking about what you know – it’s a physical incarnation of your expertise, and a testament to the the many hours of dedication you’ve given to writing it down. It’s an instant credibility boost and a seriously powerful way to build trust, because its very existence will demonstrate that you’re in this business for the long term.

Your book will give you an extra competitive edge as well. Standing out in today’s crowded market isn’t always easy, and your book will give you that extra leg up: you’ll be a published leader in your field.


People will Love Reading your Story

You’ve heard this from me before – once or twice! – but sharing your story is the very best way to make those vital connections with people. Reading about your journey, your challenges and your triumphs in your book really will inspire others, even if you don’t think your story is an interesting one (most people feel that way about themselves – and they are wrong!).

Whether you started from scratch in your garage, or overcame incredible odds to get where you are, or even if you didn’t: I guarantee that your story will resonate with others, and will motivate and encourage them to achieve their own successes.

Every business has a unique story, and people are going to love yours. They always do; and it’s also a great way to reflect on your own journey, and appreciate how far you’ve come.


It’s a Marketing Goldmine

Your book will be the most fantastic marketing tool for your business. It will attract new customers from new places through new channels, and could even bring investors to your door. It leads the way for speaking engagements, media interviews, and podcast appearances, advertising you as a real authority.

It will be a rich content source, as well – you’ll be able to pull out excerpts for blog posts, your social media, newsletters, and to use in networking pitches. It will also be a product that you can sell, or give away to generate leads and grow your email list – especially useful if you are a service-based business, and don’t have many physical products to act as your calling card.


Leave Your Legacy

Imagine your great-grandchildren reading your book one day, hearing your voice speaking to them off the page, and learning about everything you accomplished. Your book will outlive you, carrying on its work to influence and inspire its readers in future generations: it’s a permanent record of your insights, advice, and experiences, and a way to ensure your business philosophies, values and lessons live on. Writing your book is another way to leave your mark on the world.


Personal Growth

It’s is a challenging but incredibly rewarding process, and your sense of accomplishment from writing your book will be huge. It will force you into organising your thoughts, clarifying what you want to say,  and could even change the way you think about certain aspects of your business as a result.

You’ll learn new skills –  writing and editing a book is very different to the social media and blogging that you may be more familiar with – and you’ll probably gain some surprising insights into your own business along the way. It’s a journey of self-discovery in itself that can transform how you see yourself and your work.


Transformational for your business now, and a legacy for the future – writing a book is definitely a winner. So it might just be time to start coaxing those words out of your head and onto the page – but if getting started feels a bit overwhelming, I can help.


Join My Masterclass to get started…

Write a book masterclass

At my next masterclass on 9 July, we’ll be joined by Ali Moore – a coach and therapist with her BeMoore practice, and published author of Reconnect Your Life. She’s been through the writing and publishing process from start to finish. From having the first idea to getting the writing and editing done, all the way through to publishing: Ali will share her insights and experience to help you get started on your own first book, and I’d love you to join us. It’s on 9 July at 10am, online via Zoom. It’s included in Writing Club membership (find out more here), or £25 to visit on a one-off ticket. Book now: Writing a Book Masterclass

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