December comes in many forms, depending on the business you’re in. It could be your craziest time, or it could be your quietest – or you could be gearing up to a major rush in January. But if you are managing to take some time off, your content doesn’t need to – and if you plan it, schedule it and pitch it right, it can be working for you 24 hours a day throughout the festive period, without you having to lift a finger. And even if you do nothing else, the one piece of content I would highly recommend at this time of year is an ‘After-Christmas’ blog post: released in that stretch of time between Christmas and New Year, when many of us have a little more time than normal to catch up on our reading.

Picture the scene – all the rushabout of Christmas Day is over. You’re not completely sure what day of the week it is, but they all feel like a Sunday, and you have no idea when the rubbish is going to be collected. (Someone has decided to call this time ‘Twixtmas’, which is fine if you’re conversant in pre-1900s English, but I find more people know what I’m talking about if I say After-Christmas.)

Anyway, The Great Escape’s on the telly, and your ideal customer is sitting on the sofa, phone in hand, ready to scroll. They’re looking for a diversion, and this is your golden opportunity to speak to them. A long line of last week’s “Season’s Greetings!” posts get rather boring…so what can you put out there that’s going to get their attention instead, and capture their interest this winter’s afternoon? You need to get into their zone….


Daydreams and Happy Plans

Some of the biggest clicks are racked up for holidays abroad, properties for sale, and Boxing Day deals in late December. So this tells me that fresh starts, happy plans, bargains and a little bit of daydreaming are the zones people want to be in. Getting them to think about what the New Year might hold, but probably not too hard about getting back to work – that’s what’s going to get them clicking.

If you’re in the travel business, estate agency, or have a tempting sale to launch, then you’re already a step ahead! Pick your top destinations for 2023, the most popular areas to live for families / professionals / retirees, a selection of your best reductions. Draw them onto your site with interesting info, and give them links from there to browse what you have on offer. They might make a decision then and there – or they might just bookmark you for the New Year.


Inspiration and Expertise

If you’re in slightly a less tempting market, have a think outside the box and give away a little bit of your expertise. If you’re in the health sector, what do you love about the coming winter months, and how could I embrace that too? If your business is child-focused, have you got some recommendations for how I can keep them entertained in the last days of holiday – or a funny story you could share? If you’re offering business services, tell me five ways you’re going to go greener in the year to come – I might think of adopting some too. You’re in finance: what good accounting habits should I adopt in 2023?

This is a chance to speak to people when they’re relaxing at home and have the time to give to some reading and new inspiration. It’s such a great opportunity to give them something really interesting to think about, in your voice, and with your expertise, in a relaxed way. In return for your After-Christmas blog post, you’ll get all those brilliant blogging benefits – lots of lovely hits on your site to boost your SEO, of course, but also that boost to your credibility as an expert – and perhaps even a sale.

And while you’re here and getting ready for Christmas, don’t forget to plan in some pre-Christmas content as well. I’ve got a masterclass coming up about that on 3 October…Your Christmas Content Plan

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