It really does get you results – here’s what the power of a blog did for these two businesses

The power of a blog is great. It can have an instant impact, with new views and new enquiries on your first post – and it also builds over time, growing your visitors, showing your expertise, and gaining those all-important brownie points with Google and other search engines.

Here are a couple of success stories that show just what a blog can do, from two businesses I’ve worked with who’ve embraced the blog. One of them feeling the Instant Impact effect, and the other who’s invested the time and commitment to arrive at the top of the Google search results – we’ll start with that one.


Top of the Google Search Results

We begin with Ree Newman, who runs Beauty and Nails by Reena. Ree provides mobile beauty services to the Milton Keynes area, with manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing, tanning, eyebrow shaping and lash extensions. She’s been operating a website for years and I designed her a new one in 2018: with brand new web copy, keywords and a blog.

When I took on her site, a fifth of her visitors arrived via Facebook, and the rest came from Google. This was good: she was an established web presence, and we wanted to build on this – increase the proportion coming from Google as much as possible, especially as Facebook’s business page exposure has plummeted over the years.

To do this, we needed to increase her traffic, get as many different keywords going on there as we could, and show Google that it is an active site that people want to visit.

That’s where the blog came in. Every time we published a new post, we added new content to her site, new reasons for Reena to share a link to her customers, new reasons for people to visit, and new keywords for Google to find.

And the results we’ve seen speak for themselves. For the whole of 2019, Beauty and Nails by Reena was viewed 7,364 times. In 2022, it was viewed 11,714 times – and for 2023, she’s already sailed past that number.

Most important of all: when you search for her top keyphrase – ‘mobile beauty Milton Keynes’ – Beauty and Nails by Reena is the top featured business in Google search results (correct at time of publication).


The Power of a Blog for Reena:

More visitors – better ranking in search results

More keywords – new ways to be found by Google in search results

More content for Ree to share on social media and marketing emails – more of all the above

Her site is updated regularly with a new post – better ranking in search results

The Outcome: she is the top business recommended by Google when customers search for what she does. SEO Nirvana!


The Instant Impact Blog

Let’s have a look at our second business – it’s Laura Hamblyn Holistic Healer. Laura joined my first Blog Challenge in January 2023. The aim of the Challenge is to get you up and running with a blog plan for the next 12 months that works for you, your business and your readers – and to get you lots more readers, which will tick all the boxes that Reena has.

Laura knew that blogging would benefit her business, and she wanted to learn more about what makes a successful blog. With her plan in place at the end of the challenge, she decided to use her first post to introduce herself and why she loves what she does. After she’d published it, the results astonished her.

“I had 100 new views of my website and two new enquiries after publishing that first post – and even more when I’d published my second.”

The instant effect of putting herself there on the page gave Laura’s site a serious boost – and she’s kept up the monthly blogging commitment she set herself, mixing up the personal posts with expertise, explainers and customers’ experiences with her.

“With your super simple and great advice, I felt so much more confident with starting blogging – and it’s made a huge difference to my website traffic and new leads.”


The power of a blog is great. It can have an instant impact like it has for Laura, and it can build you up and up over time as well, so that like Reena, you’ve got a bank of content, expertise and high Google value. Both of them have had new customers and more business as a direct result of their blogs – and that’s why it’s one of the hardest-working assets you’ve got.


Blogging really is brilliant for your business – and I’ve got a couple of ways to help you get into your blogging groove, completely free! First of all, there’s my pdf download – Five Blogging Mistakes. Sign up below to get hold of yours….


Free Blog Challenge 11 September RLC Words

Then there’s the Blog Challenge – a Monday masterclass, plus five quick-and-easy tasks to get your blog plan in place for the next 12 months. The next one starts on 11 September – find out more and book your ticket here: About the Blog Challenge

If you’re dreaming of results like Reena and Laura have had – join us on 11 Sept, and get your blog stats booming too!


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