How Laura Hamblyn Holistic Healer led me through a journey into other lives, and helped me fix a bad habit too

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived other lives – been here before? Reincarnation is a key element in certain religions and beliefs the world over. I’m fascinated by real-life examples of children who appear to know facts from lives lived decades ago, that they simply couldn’t know at all – and it’s always something I’ve wanted to discover for myself. I wondered what to do with myself on my birthday this year, and when Laura mentioned this at a networking meeting we both attend, I booked in on the spot.


Laura Hamblyn is based in Northampton, and grew up locally. She studied spiritual healing in Australia, and has built up an amazing reputation for the healing results she can bring about for her clients. She is a qualified practitioner in meditation, energy healing, and Crystal Dreaming – into which the past life regression experience falls. “Helping people brings me a lot of joy,” she says. “I love knowing that people are living happier, easier lives. I love knowing that I am making a positive impact in the world.”


Preparing the Questions

Sitting in her perfectly atmospheric client room – in a beautiful house that has hosted many lives itself, over the years it has stood – I was excited and a little bit nervous. I wasn’t sure what I would remember from the experience, and how did it work –  would I “go under”, like in the movies?


But Laura put me at ease quickly, with her very calming, grounding manner. She talked me through what would happen, and then asked if there were any issues in my business and life in general that I would like to address, or questions I would like to answer while in the experience.


There were some I had about my business and some other opportunities that I wanted to mention – that part was fine. And there was a niggling little problem in my mind that I wanted to mention as well: my tendency to give into myself far too easily with what I eat and drink. The reason for this has always been a mystery to me; in most parts of life I’m determined and disciplined. But there are still times when I just don’t listen to my own good advice; and the effects of this bizarre, wilful disobedience are getting worse as I get older.


The Angel and the Demon

In recent months, my sleep has changed – I will wake in the night too hot, and struggle to nod off again. Now I know that this is much better when I haven’t been drinking alcohol near bedtime, and when I haven’t had any chocolate after 8pm. I can wake up feeling awful after a bad night, and make every promise to myself to be stricter and more sensible. But come Friday evening, when there’s a nice bottle of wine open and Mr RLC has brought home some cocoa-based treats, can I remember those promises? Yes, of course I can, because the angel on one of my shoulders reminds me of them. But do I listen? No, because the demon on the other side says it will be fine, and tells me that I want another glass / more pudding / other indulgence far more than I want a good night. Wake up in the morning: self-recrimination, lots of guilt, and off the cycle goes again.


It’s behaviour that makes no sense. I do everything  in my power to get my children to stick to their promises. So why can’t I?


All this floated to the surface as I listened to Laura, and this is what I told her. “I’m not addicted to a hedonistic lifestyle – but I am prone to this self-sabotage in the face of all common sense, and I don’t know why,” I explained.


“No problem,” she said. “Let’s see if we can do something about that.”


The Regression

I lay down on the floor on soft cushions, some crystals already arranged around me, and others placed in my hands and in the hollow of my spine. I was perfectly comfortable, and lulled by Laura’s soft voice.

Laura Hamblyn Holistic Healer Crystal Dreaming

It didn’t feel at all like hypnosis. I was conscious all the time, and when I read back Laura’s session write-up, I remembered saying everything she’d noted. But I wasn’t quite present, either. My consciousness – I think that’s the best word for it – was somewhere else, somewhere “higher”. It felt like I could see and know things I wouldn’t normally.


The Lives

I saw four different lives, and each one went further back in history. The first was a 20-year-old Victorian servant, who died in a Dorset market town from a bronchial illness. The second was a fisherman’s wife with bright red hair, living on the south coast in the early 1800s, with three children. The third was a woman who lived to a great age, supporting her village community with herbal healing and midwifery in the 1700s. And the fourth was a cook in a great house in the Stuart age.


Laura asked questions about each life, and before we moved on from them, she led me in affirmations about the answers – and it felt like we were bringing that life, and the challenges that they faced, to a resolved close.


Time passed, but I didn’t notice it. She asked me the questions we’d decided on at the start, and the answers came so easily. It felt like she’d opened a channel to deeper intuition, and that I’d known the answers all along, but just couldn’t get at them. Laura’s guidance – she sees it as being a conduit – was what I needed to unlock them.


The Reset

Did I live those lives? I hope so. Each one was a woman who made the most of what she had, shared her knowledge and gifts with others, and was loved and respected in return. These are achievements I aspire to in this life as well. What I do know for certain is what has changed for me in my current life.


Since my session with Laura, I haven’t had that extra glass of red – and that little demon trying to tempt me into it has been silent. Something has reset within me. I have been stuck in a cycle of indulgence and regret for a very long time, and I have no other way to explain why it’s broken, other than this experience. For me, the healing power of this fascinating process that Laura led me through is undeniable.


Meet Laura Hamblyn Holistic Healer on her website, find out more about her services and experience, and see how to book your own journey back into history – and perhaps towards a healthier future as well.

Laura Hamblyn Holistic Healer

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