“When I do a search for my keywords, my website comes so far down the list of results. How do I get my website to come up higher in Google searches?”

That’s one of the most frequent questions I hear from clients who want to revise their web content. The technical answer – and the inky one, as a matter of fact – is to apply Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. Most business owners have heard of it and know they need to do it, but find the concept shrouded in its own technical mystery (not unlike the back end of their website, which for many is a place best avoided!).

SEO can be one of the most mystifying aspects of this online world our businesses operate in – and it’s not helped by the constantly-changing algorithms and reward systems that sit behind it. The tricks that worked well last year could be completely ineffective this year, so it can feel like the goal posts are always shifting.

And when you’ve got enough on your plate as a business owner, SEO and increasing your Google ranking can feel like yet another thing to get your head around.


Is it really worth it?

Yes!! It absolutely is, and my own website is living proof.

When I started my business and my site first went live, I did a search for ‘Milton Keynes Copywriter’ on Google. After some minutes of scrolling, I eventually found myself on the eighth page of results. Now – when I checked this week, at least – I am sixth on the FIRST PAGE. Good structure, the right keywords and consistent blogging have all played their part. I’ve grown the number of visitors I get to my site exponentially month on month, and shown Google that I have a live and active site – so I’m now coming out right near the top. And when I searched for ‘Blog Coach Milton Keynes’, I was third!

This SEO success can be yours too. I uttered no magic spells, and I have not given any backhanders to Google to boost my rankings. It’s all come from understanding how SEO works, persistence, and how to make it work for me… And I want to share all that with you, clearly and simply (with some help from a very knowledgeable expert), at my Masterclass on 20 April.


The Masterclass

Liam Mitchell-Dolby is a web design and SEO specialist through LMD Design, and he will be joining us to share his years of expertise: structuring your website to best appeal to Google for indexing, writing the best link text to support and boost that further, and how to decide on and use your keywords.

Then we’ll move on to talk about why blogging is the most valuable and cost-effective way you’ve got to boost your SEO, and show Google that you have an active website that’s a source of expertise.


How to Attend

So far, my Masterclasses have been for members only – but I know that this subject is such an important one to so many people, so I’m opening it up. It’s free to RLC Words Members, and £25 a ticket for non-members (although, seeing as it’s only £19 a month to join, you may find that going for Membership is the most cost-effective plan!).

If you’d like to find out more about Membership and join up in time for the Masterclass, all the details are here: RLC Words Membership

And if you’d prefer to come along for a one-off cost of £25, just register here and I will invoice you: Blogging and SEO Masterclass sign-up

High Google rankings don’t have to be for those who can afford the ads – and SEO doesn’t have to loom over you like an unwanted relative you know you have to talk to, but can’t really face. Join my Blogging and SEO Masterclass, and make SEO your business’s best friend.

And if you already have a good grasp of what SEO is all about, and you just need a push to get that blog off the ground, why not join my free Blog Challenge? It starts on Monday 17 April – get your ticket here: April Blog Challenge tickets

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