The Content Cracked Community is my brand new group on Facebook for questions, ideas, blog post clicks, and swapping backlinks and follows – and you can join today!

This week, I’ve been running my first ever Blog Challenge: a free opportunity for anyone who wants to write a blog to find out about how it works, generate a variety of ideas for posts (some that may not have occurred to them before), and clear up some of the mystery around keywords and SEO as well.

Part of the setup was a pop-up group I hosted on Facebook where Challenge members could ask questions, get suggestions, and find inspiration from others’ ideas as well. And that group has gone so well, that I’ve decided to create a more permanent version for anyone who wants help with their writing: it’s the Content Cracked Community.


What the Content Cracked Community is for

Running your own business can be a lonely job – that’s no secret, and nothing new. But it can be extra frustrating when you’re looking for inspiration for your content, just want a second opinion, or need someone to help you share your latest post. In the Content Cracked Community, you’ll be able to pop in any time, and find that help you’re missing. We won’t be limiting it to blogs – just like my free monthly Content Cracked “goodie bag”, it will cover any and all writing you need to do for your business.

But as well as the positive impact on our creativity and inspiration, I would love to help with increasing traffic to all of our websites and social media pages. So there will be regular blog share days, when we all post our links for other members to click and read. We’ll be finding backlink connections, to create mutual links between websites – a great way to impress the gods of Google. And what I would really love is to see those tangible SEO and visibility improvements happening for all members: when all the hard work you put into your content starts to pay off, and your place in Google search results starts to climb.


Who it’s for

Anyone at all who wants support with writing and sharing their work, anywhere at all. There will likely be a bias towards writing for small businesses, because that’s what we do most of – but if you need help with a personal blog, or the web content for your own personal site, you will be equally welcome!


How to join

The easiest way is via this link, straight to Facebook:

You’ll be asked a couple of questions and for your email address, so I can sign you up for the Content Cracked goodie bag if you’re not already.  There will be a link to the group posted in all future editions of that as well, and if you took part in my Blog Challenge, an invitation was posted into the group earlier today, and will be included in your final email of the series too.

And once you’re a member, please do invite anyone else you think would benefit from joining us! I want it to help as many people as possible.


Working as a community and supporting each other, I believe our combined power can work magic to master the dark art of SEO!

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