Everyone – whatever their circumstances – has been affected in some way by the prices rising all around us, the fuel crisis, and the precarious state of the economy in general. Like millions of others, I’ve been thinking about what we spend and where, and how to protect ourselves from the uncertain future. And if I’ve been doing that in my home and business, I have no doubt that the vast majority of my customers are doing exactly the same.

People are looking for alternatives to the outlays they’ve had in the past – even if they’ve valued them – because they have to. So I need to make sure that when people need words for their business, there are several different ways of getting them: whether it’s with the full copywriting service I’ve always offered, or through one of my brand new Write It Yourself options.

To make it super clear, I’ve restructured my website – so that you can go to the Written For You page (the full service), or see how I can support you to Write It Yourself (WIY). I’m building this suite of services up to be a collection of guides, coaching sessions and productive workshops, ranging from free of charge upwards – and the two latest products I’ve put out there this week are Buy an Hour (£35) and the Content Cracked Treat Bag (completely free!).

Buy An Hour

This does exactly what it says – if you’ve got a content or writing problem and need a little help, you can Buy an Hour with me for £35, and we’ll get it cracked. By the time we’ve finished, you’ll have an outline draft, and know exactly what you’ve got left to write and when.

It doesn’t have to be a piece of writing – it could be a blog plan for the next 12 months, advice on structuring your website, or creating a communication plan for a new product launch. Buy An Hour, and we’ll sort it out! 

I even braved the camera to make a little film about Buy an Hour when I launched it last week…

Content Cracked

I’m extra excited about this one. Content Cracked is a monthly goodie bag of writing tips, new ideas and good reading for getting your copy to work as hard as your business deserves it to. It will be short and sweet and useful (I hope), it’s completely free, and will drop into your inbox on the first Monday of each month. Get your name on the list by signing up here:

Plus the Blogging Starter Pack

These two new products sit alongside the Blogging Starter Pack, which has been around for a while – this is also in the WIY collection, and helps you get starting with blogging when you’re not sure where to begin.

The most exciting thing for me about Write It Yourself is that it’s not finished yet. I’ve got lots of plans for more products, services and workshops to offer, giving you more ways to create the best content and copy for your business: words that speak clearly to your ideal customers, and grab their interest to find out more about you, at a price to suit you. And my full copywriting service will still be here for anyone who needs that too.

If you’ve got any suggestions for WIY guides or workshops, I’d love to hear them! There’s nothing like giving your customer what they want, and it’s so important to me that what I’m offering is useful. So send me your feedback too!

And have a look in more detail at each product here: Write it Yourself 

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