As a copywriter, I can create whatever you need for your business – web content, marketing emails, blog posts, business award entries – probably the sort of jobs that might spring to mind when you think about what I do. But I’ve had a few unusual copywriting jobs too, and you may not have known I can do these for you as well…

Video Script

A local IT business wanted to create a promotional video for their website, and got in touch for a script. That was lots of fun to write – like bringing web content to life!

School and Charity Grant Bids

This is an example of when a small investment in my time to write for you could result in thousands of pounds of funding you wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’ve been helping a local school with writing applications for grants: something that the admin team in the front office simply don’t have time to do, but it could mean that they receive funding for all sorts of enrichment programmes around the school. Fundraising through normal channels – summer fetes, Halloween discos, parents’ quiz nights – has been so difficult for the last couple of years, and many charities and not-for-profit organisations have been turning to foundations and awards bodies to help. Having a copywriter sort all the applications for you could make a huge difference, in coming up with persuasive words to sway those judging panels, and in the number you actually have time to apply for.  

Bio for Music Album

A bit like About Me for a website, but it needed to fit into an the dimensions for a printed album insert. The artist had lots of notes that he wanted to include, but wasn’t sure how to bring it all together – that was a really interesting one, and a space I don’t normally get to work in!

Operating Manuals

I never thought about who writes these really – but it turns out, copywriters can! Well, this one anyway…I’ve been putting together a series of user manuals for one of my clients, who is developing a new piece of sports equipment. They need user and maintenance manuals for different users – gym managers, trainers, and individual consumers in their homes – and as long as I can get the technical details, like how often to clean it, how to move it and what space it needs, I can do the rest.

Terms of Business

This is another one I’d not thought about before – someone actually has to write the screeds of text you scroll through when you’re accepting those Terms and Conditions of Sale when you buy something online. This can also be quite technical from a legal perspective, but getting the text in draft is half the battle, setting out what your expectations are as a business – and getting a lawyer to look it over later is all that’s needed, rather than commissioning them to write the whole thing (I’m not giving too much away about my prices when I say that I’m definitely cheaper than a lawyer).

Repurposing (not copying) from somewhere else

A client based in Poland needed a UK version of their franchise site, which already existed in the US. They had permission to use the English contents, but as we all know, it’s very bad for the old Search Engine Optimisation if you have a direct copy of what’s already on the web elsewhere, even if you legally are allowed to use it. So I took a copy of every page on the US site, and rewrote it for my Polish client – so that it said all the same things without replicating word for word – and in UK English too.

Pitch Poems

These are so much fun to do. If you’re ever stuck for something interesting and a bit different to say about your business when networking, then a poem about you and your business is always a memorable pitch, and I’ve written a few now. A couple of them have even come back asking for second ones so they can change things up a bit! I’m waiting for the day I’m asked to set something to music…

I’m not joking when I say that I really do write whatever you need for your business – and those unusual copywriting jobs add a dash of spice to my week! If you’ve got something you need help with, just let me know.

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