Just after I turned 40, I wasn’t feeling right. I was lots of different roles to lots of different people – mum, wife, copywriter, web designer, admin assistant, daughter, sister, friend, school governor, parent helper. I loved where life was for me and our family, but some of my wider relationships weren’t right, and I didn’t feel at peace – as if the pieces in one part of life weren’t joining up properly with the rest. And then I met Ali Moore.  

Ali is, quite simply, one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met. Maybe it will be her gorgeous outfit you notice first; or it might be the pink hair, or one of her stunning pair of shoes. These things all contribute to her fabulousness. But the most amazing thing about her is that she works true magic, as an award-winning therapist, coach and author.  

I could go on all day about what that did for me, but the bottom line is that she gave me many gifts; and I finished the programme with acceptance of the past, love for the present, and ability to map the future – all with confidence in who I am and how I approach the relationships that matter to me.

Ali still offers this and a range of other therapy services through her practice, BeMoore. Her magic always has the same outcome: knowing more about yourself, being aware of what influences you and how you react, setting your boundaries, and the self esteem and confidence that can grow from all these things. But she’s also doing something else even more wonderful: she’s set up a charitable foundation, which offers this learning to teenage girls who need it, fully funded.

Her six-week Roaring4Life programme is for girls aged 12-17, and aims to create a stable platform for building up their self-esteem and confidence, now and into the future. Each session is a safe space to talk about life challenges, the opportunities around them, and covering a wide range of topics from understanding emotions to social media, self image and body positivity.  

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I cannot tell you how brilliant it would have been to have Ali around when I was a teenager. Imagining this level of personal understanding, and this outlook on the world, before the age of 20 gives me goosepimples. But it’s what many girls desperately need. And Ali uses her own experiences of growing up to influence how she shaped the programme:

“As a teenager I went through a very dark time – I was bullied , ended up being home schooled and used food as a means of controlling my weight and my situation. But I had access to a wonderful home tutor – someone who listened – and I began to feel better about myself, with support from her and others. But I know that if I had access to coaching and therapy, the healing would have been that much greater, and sooner. 

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“So I created the Roaring4Life programme, which I made available as part of my practice: one to one, and focused on young women. However, it was soon really clear that many young women would be missed out. I am firm believer that you need 2 things in place to access private support: funds, and someone supporting you who notices and helps arrange it. Take either of these away, and you will fall through the cracks.

“And so, the idea for the Foundation was created: a community interest company division of Bemoore, specifically aimed at providing funded workshops to schools and organisations which cannot go through the private practice route; a way to provide support for those who could not access private practice, and build it into an organisation that was known for providing a stable platform of self esteem, and a safe place to be heard.”

Ali had just finished her trial of the Roaring4 Life programme in a school as the 2020 lockdowns happened. “We were ready to really take off.  Knowing that now, more than ever, young people need support with their mental wellness and not feeling able to take that next step forward in our work…well, it has been quite frustrating.” 

So places on Roaring4Life through the BeMoore Foundation are ready and waiting, and the funding is all in place, through some incredible efforts throughout 2021 – but finding the girls to fill the places is the only thing missing. “The main difficulty we have now is not actually funding, although that is always great – it’s getting the word out and referrals in. People need to know what we do, and trust us. We get good results, but we are sitting with four empty places, when schools and mental health charities are crying out for resource.

“We are looking to partner with local charities and education settings – we would love to work with a school and get 121’s and workshops off the ground. We can offer workshops in schools for the current academic year, and also offer one to one sessions upon referral.”

I cannot recommend Ali and BeMoore enough – her ability to create that safe space, hear what you have to say, and then that therapist magic she has of getting you to come up with answers you didn’t know you had – if young women who need it can access all that, it would be a great gift indeed.

So please – if you know of a school, or other organisation, that works with young women who would benefit from a funded place from the Foundation, or even a young woman who might be eligible, please get in touch with Ali. She would love to hear from you – and I guarantee that her magic will change so much for the self esteem and confidence of every young woman she helps.

To contact Ali, or to find out more about the Roaring4Life application and referral process, visit the BeMoore website: https://bemoore.uk/the-bemoore-foundation/

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