It’s brilliant to have a mailing list of people who are interested in your business – but how do you get that list in the first place, especially with GDPR restrictions on who you can send to? Lead Magnets is one answer – and I’m running a workshop on that very subject, along with the very knowledgeable Ann Little of Silver Lining Services, who will explain how to harness the power of a great lead magnet with the magic of the free mail management tool Mailchimp, to get the right people signing up for your brilliant emails.


What’s a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnets are like a blog – they contain your useful, expert insight into something you know a lot about. Your ideal clients want the knowledge within, because it will give them tips and practical advice on that side of running their business. But unlike a blog, you want something in exchange for this gold dust – their email address, and consent to be placed on your mailing list.

So it’s got to be good; it’s got to be enticing; but you’ve got to get the balance right. Don’t give away so little that they have no incentive to sign up, and don’t give away so much that they don’t need your services. That’s one of the tricks we’ll be talking about in the session. You’ll learn details about:

  • What a lead magnet is for
  • What you should put in yours
  • How to write it
  • How to design it
  • How to promote it

Then we’ll move onto Ann’s section of the session, where you’ll learn how it all works with Mailchimp.


How does it work with Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a fabulous tool for managing your subscribers, creating your emails and sending them out – and it can perform all sorts of magic for you if you know what you’re doing. Why do things manually when Mailchimp can do it all for you?

Ann – a virtual Executive Assistant – has become a real expert in through daily use for her clients, whose Mailchimp use varies from lists of less than a dozen subscribers, to thousands. She knows all the tricks and tips to unlock that Mailchimp magic, and in her section she’ll be talking us through how to create a Mailchimp landing page, where the people who’ve followed the link for your lead magnet will end up. This is where they will be signing up for your mailing list in exchange for that lead magnet document, and Ann will also be explaining how they are added, and how they receive their lead magnet in return.

When we’ve finished, you’ll be brimming with ideas for what to put in your lead magnets, how they might look, and how to get everything set up so that your customers can sign up, be added to your mailing list, and receive their lead magnet – completely automatically.


What and When?

We’re planning our Mailchimp Lead Magnets workshop online via Zoom for the morning of Tuesday 5 October – so plenty of time to get the summer holidays out of the way, and to get back into the business groove – and it will be £50 for the session. If you’d like to get on the waiting list, either drop me an email on, or Ann on

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