The must-watches, the viewing that gives you the festive feeling – everyone’s got a favourite Christmas film they look forward to above all others. I’ve asked the family what their favourites are and why, and we have quite a spread of genres and tastes! Here are their choices, and why…


My Husband, The Dad: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

“I loved this film when I watched it from the perplexed son’s perspective, and over the years it feels like it’s grown up with me – or I’ve grown up with it – as I now look at it as a working Dad who just wants it all to go right. For me it captures the age of my youth, but it’s also about things that are timeless – family, love, in-laws and being a father. It’s also hilarious and features the most brilliant rant from Chevy Chase I’ve ever seen in a film (if you know, you know).”


My Mum, The Nan: Scrooge

“I love A Christmas Carol and I read it every year; and my favourite Christmas film is the musical version of it, starring Albert Finney. The whole story and message warms you and I love the wonderful Kenneth More as Christmas Present sitting on a mountain of cakes and goodies with a fabulous wreath of holly on his head – it epitomises the sheer joy and magic of Christmas for me!”


My Sister, The Child of the 90s: Santa Claus: The Movie

“My favourite has to be watching Santa Claus: The Movie because it’s the first one which felt truly magical to me. One of my most precious memories of Christmases past is of being a about 5 or 6 and watching it cuddled up on the red settee with Grandpa. It was so magical because the only light in the room came from the coloured tree lights and the fire, and I remember glancing over to him and he’d fallen asleep.”


My Dad, The Grandpa: A Christmas Carol, and The Snowman

“They both encapsulate for me so much of what Christmas is now (or should be!) and I have very precious family memories with them both.”


The Boys (7 and 9): Elf

“I love this film because Elf is a man but he’s also like a child. He ignores all of the advice Father Christmas gives to him and he doesn’t understand the world at all. His little brother thinks he’s very funny and he does lots of strange things that most grown ups would never do. My funniest moment is when he does a REALLY long burp!”


Me: Love Actually

“I know it’s not for everyone: for some it hasn’t aged well, and for others it should never have been made in the first place. But I can’t help myself – I adore it. The many different kinds of love (and not all romantic): and all of the fierceness, pain and joy that accompany every one. I’ve watched it so many times but it always gets me, and the tears always spring to my eyes when poor Emma Thompson discovers what a rat that Alan Rickman has been. Christmas is an emotional time in so many ways, and this film captures so many of them for me.”

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. I love writing it every week, and it really gives me joy that others love reading it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone…and I’ll see you next year….

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