We’ve had our little pup Bertie for three weeks now, and we’ve had so much fun with him – as well as taking dozens of photos! 

Here are some things we’ve learned about Bertie in the last three weeks, with lots of cutiful puppy pics to go along with them. Like babyhood, this time in his life will pass so quickly, and so we’ve tried to record as much as possible!

Bertie loves the outdoors

He can’t put his paws on the ground for another week when we’re out of the garden, but he loves being out and about. We bought a little carrier for him so that he can join us comfortably for walks, and we’ve taken him all over the local area in the last few weeks. It’s going to be difficult to introduce him to the sorts of encounters and noises he will need to get used to after lockdown – such as passing traffic, different people, and other dogs – but we’re doing our best to expose him to new environments. 

Bertie loves the boys

That little tail wags madly whenever he sees them – when they come downstairs in the morning, when he wakes up from his naps, and when we say goodnight to them at bedtime. Playtime is his favourite.

Pictured – an epic battle between Harry Potter, Voldemort and his faithful horcrux, Dogini (who even had his own wand).

Bertie does not like jabs

He was seriously fed up for the day when he got his second round of jabs earlier this week – no touching, no cuddling, and definitely no picking up. He ate one meal, then wouldn’t touch anything else for the rest of the day. Fortunately, he’s back to his usual cheerful and hungry self today!

Bertie loves a cuddle

If there’s one on offer (and he hasn’t just had his jabs), Bertie is always up for a snuggle. And there’s nothing better in these strange, sad and uncertain times than a cuddle with this gorgeous bundle. 

Photo credit: Danielle Evans (thank you!)

There are mixed views out there about whether now is the right time to have a puppy, and I can see that point of view; the living circumstances we are all under are not what he will have to get used to when things change. A houseful will become a six hour day of just Berts and me; he can’t meet and get used to new people, new dogs, new surroundings. But if we could go back and change our decision to pick him up before lockdown, we absolutely wouldn’t. This longed-for little addition to our clan has given us so much joy in the last few weeks, in spite of all the accidents to clear up, night time trips to the garden, and worry over whether he’s eating the right amount at the right times. He’s calmed each one of us when things have got too much, and has provided the most beautiful distraction from the strains of our new life.

Our Lockdown Pup is the best thing that could have happened to us, and when the world finally changes, we will help him to adjust – exactly as he has helped us. 

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