I didn’t know this before last year – there’s a national Mind charity, but each local area operates almost independently as their own branch of Mind. They have their own fundraising, their own initiatives and manage their own budgets and resources – which also means their online presence. While there are certain themes running through each of the local teams’ websites – colours, fonts, and some layouts – they are all quite different. And early in 2019, a local team got in touch with me because they were desperate for a new website for Telford Mind.


The site they had was based on a WordPress template that couldn’t be located any more for a new developer – so apart from the font, I started from scratch.


Here’s what the front page looked like before:

RLC Words Website for Telford Mind copywriter web design milton keynes


And here’s what I was able to create for them:

RLC Words Website for Telford Mind copywriter web design milton keynes


They now have:

  • A six-page website that sets out everything they offer, and who they are;
  • A news and events section created especially for their look and feel, with date graphics in line with the national template;
  • Integrated payment and donation methods;
  • Buttons and fonts that match national Mind branding.


It went live towards the end of last year, just before that time of year when so many people feel the need for support, and someone to talk to.


I’m particularly proud of this one, not just because it looks rather lovely, but also because it’s giving a charity the means of communication they need to help as many people as possible, and to raise funds and awareness for what they’re doing. The team can post information themselves about events, and their statistics for people visiting the site have been through the roof. Here’s the full site – have a look around: https://telford-mind.co.uk/


Having the right website can make such a difference to the people you can engage with, and the number of people who want to get in touch when they’ve seen how you present yourself. This can be a real struggle for charities, because website development costs can be so prohibitive. I’m very proud to have been able to create this for them, and to see what a difference it’s making for the work they do.


If you’d like to talk to me about creating an affordable website for your business, have a browse around my portfolio and contact me via the form on my website – I’d be delighted to help: https://rlcwords.co.uk/web-design-and-hosting/

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