The extra school inset day put me off my stride a little this time, but I’m now back in the game – and at this time of year, there’s lots to consider. Goal setting, business plans, networking, or just doing the work you love – it’s all happening now, and while it’s great to be starting afresh, it’s really important to make time for a few bits of website and social media admin. Here are three quick New Year updates you can make to your business online, to make sure everything is up to date. It will make a big difference to your business in the year to come.


Dates and Times

Setting out your skills and experience in your About Me section, or in your social media bio will often contain something like this: “I have been in the industry for 14 years”; or “I started my own business four years ago”.  Don’t forget to double check those years, and make sure they are correct now we’re into a new one. (To be on the safe side, you could even consider rephrasing it to your version of this: “I started the business in 2012” – then you don’t have to worry so much about this in future.)


This also applies to children’s ages; if you shared something about your family, don’t forget to update that too.


Security and Software updates

If you’re not on a maintenance plan with your web developer or host provider, don’t forget to go in and do those updates to your website regularly. It’s really important to make sure everything stays safe and secure, and that your site looks how you expect it to look. Software updates are often released to fix bugs that can affect your contact forms and emails, so it’s also worth sending yourself a test email via a contact form to make sure everything is in order. If a new customer tries to contact you and it doesn’t work, there’s a risk they won’t bother at all.



Do a quick once-over of what you’re offering. Is it accurate for the new year? Is that what you want to focus on? Is there anything that you want to promote more? A slight adjustment to the text here and there could make all the difference to the customers you’re looking for, so make sure this snapshot of yourself is representing you accurately.


If you’re struggling with your content – let’s face it, it’s really difficult to write about your own business – give me a shout, and I’ll be delighted to help: Get in Touch

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