School’s out and it’s HOT, which is great news for small businesses selling ice creams, paddling pools and fans! But for lots of us, it might feel like business activity is starting to flatline into the summer slump.

Some things you can’t change – you probably can’t do anything to stop your customers disappearing off on holiday – but you can still do some things to help your business pick up its performance now, and to prepare for the autumn revival.

I will be creating a brand new, fancy website for myself with some new web design tools that Mr RLC Words has got hold of. It’s hard work, but it’s exciting and I’m learning lots.

Here are a few other things you might want to try to inject some life into your business this summer:


1. Try Something New

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, but now could be the time to get out of your comfort zone and try one of those marketing strategies you’ve been putting off – start that Instagram account and get some followers, do your first Facebook Live video, start blogging, or send out your first offer-packed newsletter. If things are a bit quieter at the moment, it’s a great chance to put some real thought into planning and executing some new ideas.

RLC Words Summer Business 1

2. Share it

A problem shared is often a problem halved. Find a buddy from networking, or another trusted someone who knows and understands the summer slump sitch, and talk over your businesses together. Throw around some of those new challenges you want to try, and help them out with some suggestions for theirs. And once you’ve come up with some ideas, lock them in and make a pact to do them. You are much more likely to do something that’s a bit daring if you have told someone else what you’ve got planned.


3. Have a Spring (or summer) Clean, and then promote it

Back in February, one of my Valentine’s Day suggestions for Showing your Business some Love was to have a good clear-out of your website and social media accounts. Make sure they are up to date, showing off the best examples of what you have to offer, and make any changes you need to – maybe even team it up with a summer offer. When you’re done, shout about it – email, social media, even blog it. And don’t wait for September to get the biggest audience. Do it now, and then do it again in September to catch anyone you missed. You could even extend the offer, if you did one – everyone loves to grab a bargain.

RLC Words Summer Business 2

4. Put yourself out there too – network!

Some networks shut down over summer, but others keep going with meetups and events. You could also investigate more online networking opportunities – have a look at the Facebook and Instagram networking communities, in your local area and globally as well. New ones spring up all the time, and you may find the perfect place to get advice and support – and you never know what it might lead to. (I can highly recommend this one for friendly, welcoming, collaborative support, online and at their Milton Keynes events: )


Good luck with the next six weeks: especially if childcare has also been thrown into the mix!  Hold tight and we can all make it through to the other side…and let me know if you need help with revamping your website, words, or blogging. I’d love to find out more about your business: Contact Me