It’s a fortunate coincidence that Valentine’s Day falls at this time of year, because it’s a great time to give your business some TLC. The winter months are often quieter for a lot of businesses, as customers’ wallets bounce back from the Christmas hit, and the spring months are a good time to target some new customers, as well as keeping your old ones. Here are five things you can do to show your business a little love:

1 – Your image

Has it been a while since you changed your social media avatars, marketing pictures or website material? Have a good, critical look over it all, and make sure it still sends out the image that you want to project. Is all of the content up to date? Are there any areas you haven’t populated or made the most of?

2 – Get some trusted feedback

Have a friend, relative or colleague look over your marketing material – could be your website, your recent maildrops, or your Facebook page – and give you some honest opinions about what they read. As a potential customer, does it make them want to buy from you? Are you selling the right things, at the right price? Is your website attractive to them? This could all be very useful information to help you with your business’s public face.

3 – Boost your customer feedback

Contact some select customers who haven’t left you feedback on your Facebook page yet, or on Google, or any directories you’re listed on. Quantity and quality both count when new customers are choosing from a busy marketplace, so make sure your successes are being highlighted for everyone to see.

4 – Boost your SEO – plan some blog posts

There are a few ways to do this, and one of them is blogging. Regular updates and interaction with your website mean you move higher up the Google search results list, so have a think about how often you can produce some quality content, and make a plan of subjects for the year. It will really help you to get it done and stick to it, especially if you theme your posts around high points in the year for your business. Have a look at my blog post on what to blog about for some inspiration.

5 – Most of all – love what you do

The most successful businesses are infused with the love and passion of their founder. I love what I do – I get to write every day, help people who need my expertise, and work my hours around my family. Do you still love your business? If not, what’s changed? Can you do anything to fix it? Falling back in love with your business – and blogging about it too! – is a great way to connect with your customers and attract new ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day – I wish you all much love, and may you and your business live happily ever after…

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