They say life is too short to do a job you hate. If you’re stuck in a rut, wanting a career change but not sure to what, the Milton Keynes Job Show is happening at centre:mk this weekend. It showcases thousands of employment and training opportunities, and it’s free to enter – if you’re considering a change of career, this might be a great chance to grab your CV and see what’s out there. More information here:

Then comes the tricky part – making the move from something you know, to something you don’t. It sounds great, and you know you can do it, but how do you convince the people in charge of recruitment? Your CV is the answer – start here. Even if the organisation you want to apply to has a different process that doesn’t require a CV, getting it right is the best way to bring into focus – in your own mind, as well as an employer’s – what your key strengths are, and how you can channel those years of experience.

I had a client this week who, in the space of a year, has changed her whole focus from a corporate career in Canary Wharf, to teaching English as a second language. She has qualified, and now needs to apply for teaching jobs, with a CV that shows what she’s done, and why she’s capable of teaching, with only a few hours of direct classroom experience. It can be hard to see how the years spent in one job can translate into the skills you need to demonstrate to secure another one – but it can be done.

Years spent in planning projects and delegating tasks can be turned to classroom and lesson planning; years of liaising between all levels of an organisation and resolving problems are strong communication and listening skills; and years of presenting new projects are clear evidence for delivering lessons, and imparting new information – or teaching. By the end of it, a brand new CV emerged which included all of the successes of her past, and clearly showed all of the skills gained through those years which she can carry into the classroom.

So if you would like to try something new, but can’t think of a way into it from your current situation – whether you’re working or not – get in touch, and we can craft you a brilliant new CV for your brilliant new start.

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