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Do you have Website Updates Fear?

You’ve got your own website. You love it – it does everything you want it to do. It works beautifully and you are confident enough to make your own updates and changes to it, so you’re not on any service or maintenance plan with your developer.   But there’s a...

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Why Use a Copywriter?

On meeting a few different people recently, and introducing myself as a copywriter for small to medium businesses, I’ve been interested to note that I’ve been asked the same question – “so, what do you actually write for them?”. It’s a fair question. Writing the...

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What Made Your Childhood Christmas?

The urge to create Christmas perfection is all around us - from social media, adverts, and even inherited from a parent (fans of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will understand parental festive fanaticism). It’s so easy to feel that what we’re doing isn’t magic...

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